Donate to Where it is Needed Most

If you would like to help Central in it's mission to serve the community and God's people in need, please fill out the form below. All monies donated go towards the furthering of our ministry and programs. No gift is too small. We thank you and appreciate you for all of your support and consideration.

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Thrivent Choice® - A Way to Give 

Thrivent Choice® is a charitable grant program that gives Thrivent clients with membership the opportunity to contribute to causes they care about and influence where Thrivent distributes some of its charitable funds each year.


Central Lutheran Church-Van Nuys is an approved Thrivent Choice® organization. If you have Choice Dollars® available to direct, please consider directing to us.  


Personal donations can also be made through Thrivent’s online giving platform to Central Lutheran Church-Van Nuys by all individuals. Thrivent covers all online processing fees, so 100% of the donation goes to our organization. 


To Direct, Donate, or learn more, go to


For sharing this information about  Thrivent Choice®, our Thrivent Member Network is giving us a chance to win donation of up to $1000 in April 2023!